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More than shirt printing, we offer custom hats, custom bags, custom towels, posters, and more!

The quality was great. We ended up printing not only T’s but also these cool canvas bags. Everyone who has seen the stuff has commented on how nice it is. The best part was how easy they made it to get our project done. (Mahalo, Peter!) We are VERY HAPPY with our experience, and I can recommend this company without reservation!
— Linda, Rotary Club

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How To Choose Your Printer for Custom Hats, bags, towels

Choosing a printer for custom hats, bags, towels, and other accessories isn’t easy.  Why?  Because you’re slammed with misleading pricing, confusing claims, and the process is just too darn complicated!  So, how do you find a qualified, professional, printer for your custom hats or bags?

You start by reading this simple guide.

We wrote this guide to help you... Even if you don’t choose to work with us, you are now an informed buyer.  That is the true purpose of this short guide.  We know your time is valuable, and we want to get you the information you need so you can continue building your successful business.

We’ve dedicated our business to educating consumers and exceeding expectations.  Please read on...


Why Print Custom Hats etc.

If you own or manage a business, apparel line, or just want to have some fun, custom hats and bags are a no brainer. Custom hats for your employees will give them a uniform look and will increase the professional image you present to your clients. Custom hats or bags for your apparel line fills in the gaps and gives you an additional revenue stream.

Three main reasons for printing custom hats:

  1. Company Information Visibility

  2. Additional Revenue Stream

  3. A lot of fun!

Having your employees wear custom hats or carry custom bags will also increase company visibility to the public. Your employees work 40 hours a week, and if they are required to wear your company's custom hats while working, they are a walking billboard for you every hour they work! Not to mention, how many of them stop at the store on the way home. Imagine how many people will be in that store and will see your company’s name and logo on your employees' custom hats or custom bags they are carrying.

If you have an apparel line, adding custom hats to your line will increase sales dramatically. Who in Hawaii doesn't want custom hats, right? You see custom hats everywhere! On the paddle board, walking down the street... and custom bags are just as popular right now! Custom bags can be brought to farmers markets or the grocery store so people can "go green."

But what if you just want to have some fun... custom hats and bags are a great way to do this! Custom hats and bags are very reasonably priced and can be great gifts to friends or enemies... and they'll become your friend! 


How To Ensure Best Quality for the Best Price for your Custom Hats or Custom Bags:

  1. Guarantees:  This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many custom hat printers don't don’t guarantee their work.  Make sure that your custom hat printer provides in writing, a 100% quality guarantee on all custom hats.

  2. Buy Quality Custom Hats:  Quality control of the hat manufacturer is huge when printing custom hats.  Little things, like the bill not being perfectly center or the stitching not matching, can be detrimental when printing custom hats... things that pass through on lower-grade hats will be clearly visible when you slap that perfectly gorgeous (and straight!) logo across it.

  3. Durable Prints:  There are many methods to printing custom hats, but screen printing is the most durable.  Of course your custom hats are going to need to hold up under pressure… make sure your custom hats are being screen printed to ensure the longest lasting custom hats and custom bags!


How To Print Custom Hats:

Custom hats for businesses usually print a simple one color across the center of the hat or bag.  Sometimes, a custom bag or custom hat may include the name of the business.

If you are selling your hats, lets think of a unique print that will capture everyone's attention. For maximum printing on custom hats or bags, a landscape oriented design is best. Your custom hats will stand out from other companies. Think of all the boring custom hats and bags out there...


Remember:  Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.

When it comes to custom hats, custom bags, or custom towels, you get what you pay for. A custom hat printing company that has slightly higher prices will likely be able to offer more value and deliver a higher quality print and have better customer service. You’ll be more pleased with your experience.

Inexperienced (cheap) custom hat printers can print custom hats that looks good for a day... or two... for a low price.  But custom hats will be showing signs of age after the first or second wash. The ink will be cracking and the ink may even bleed. What a waste of money!

An experienced custom hat printer is able to guarantee their work and offer you much more value for a slightly higher price.  Your custom hats will look great for years to come. You will feel much more satisfied with your custom hat printing experience and will have been happy to pay the extra buck for custom hats so that they lasts.