#kickstarter Launch in 4 Days!

We are taking custom shirt printing to the streets! Everyone loves custom shirts, right? We think so! A few months ago, we had the vision to create a mobile screen printing studio that can inspire and educate the public on this vintage art form. Now, in just 4 days - we are launching our kickstarter! We are so trendy, we are even making a hashtag... #flashfloodkick :)  

FlashFlood Will Be Hawaii's First And Only Mobile Screen Printing Studio

Create Your Own Custom Shirt At Local Events And Festivals 

We're packing up a trailer and heading to local events around Hawaii: festivals, concerts, art fairs, and more. With us, we'll bring everything we need to collaborate with our Hawaiian ohana to design and print custom shirts directly on site.

The Experience:

FlashFlood will be the ONLY live screen printing studio in Hawaii! We can set up at any event, big or small, ready to educate and inspire. You will be able to pick from a variety of shirt styles and colors, choose a custom design for the event, and even choose a print location. There are endless possibilities... you will walk away with a completely custom shirt no one else will be wearing.

To be in-the-know, join the flood at www.FlashFloodHi.com