Custom Shirt Printing - Honolulu Hawaii

We LOVE custom shirt printing, here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  We feel blessed that we can create art, help businesses, be a part of our community, and meet our neighbors -- all things that go along with custom shirt printing. 

We'd like to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our history, and our passion as we begin our long-term business relationship with you... here we go! 

I, Peter, met  Adam in college and we found that we make a great business team. Adam is very creative, has experience and training in art, and is great seeing a vision for long-term success. I am very practical, focused, and good with numbers... who knew custom shirt printing would be our future in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Our first business venture together was Nuinani - an island inspired clothing line. Adam began custom shirt printing our own clothing line in his kitchen. He used his oven as the dryer and a hand-made custom shirt printing machine. Our business began! We experienced initial success and rented a retail space in Kailua.

During our time at our shirt store in Kailua, Hawaii, we met many great people, connected with many great businesses, and saw the profitability of custom shirt printing other business' shirts in Kailua, Honolulu, and all over Hawaii.  I remember we were asked if we can print other people's shirts nearly every week!

After a little less than a year, the building we were in was demolished... "Paved paradise, put up a parking lot." Today, the remnants of our store lie below Yogurt Mama's happy client's cars... not only was our store paved, but the path to our future was also... custom shirt printing in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Living on the windward side, we noticed that there wasn't a single shirt printer on this side of the mountain. All the printers were in Honolulu and beyond! What an opportunity to serve our community and the windward based businesses. We decided to set-up a custom shirt printing studio not in Honolulu, but in Kaneohe! 

We found a great location at the Kokokahi campus at the YWCA in Kaneohe and have been printing shirts out of that location for nearly 2 years now... putting us at around 5 years of being a successful custom shirt printing duo... where does the story go from here!?  

... the story continues in an upcoming post... what a cliff hanger! :)  

Thanks for reading, your comments are always appreciated!