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We know that ordering custom shirts for your military battalion or group can be a headache, that is why it our mission to make it an easy process for you.


Step 1: Initial Consult About Your Shirt Needs 
Step 2: Review & Approve Free Quote
Step 3: Design & e-Mockup Approval
Step 4: Production & Pickup

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How To Choose You're Custom Shirt Printing Studio

Choosing a shirt printing studio for your military/government shirts isn’t easy.  Why?  Because you’re slammed with misleading pricing, confusing claims, and the process is just too darn complicated!  So, how do you find a qualified, shirt printing professional?

You start by reading this simple guide.

We wrote this guide to help you... Even if you don’t choose to work with us, you are now an informed buyer.  That is the true purpose of this short guide.  We know your time is valuable, and we want to get you the information you need so you can continue serving our country.

We’ve dedicated our business to educating consumers and exceeding expectations.  Please read on...


Why Shirt Printing for Military or Government Shirts:

If you are the organizer for your group, your members and families need shirt printing services for your organization. Custom shirts for your members will give them a uniform look and will increase loyalty and your professional image.

Three main reasons for military or government shirts:

  1. Group Loyalty

  2. Professional Image

  3. Uniforms

When members receive a custom shirt from your group, they are likely to re-wear over and over again.  Imagine the visibility your group is receiving on a daily basis… long after the shirt is received!  Now, think of how the likelihood of wearing the shirt increases when you have a fantastic design instead of the standard military or government shirt.  A good design goes a long way when it comes to custom shirts!


How To Ensure Best Quality for the Best Price:

  1. Guarantees:  This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many print shops don’t guarantee their work.  Make sure that your shop provides, in writing, a 100% quality guarantee.

  2. Buy Quality Shirts:  Quality control of the garment manufacturer is huge when printing shirts.  Little things, like the collar not being perfectly center or the sleeves not matching, can be detrimental when printing... things that pass through on lower-grade shirts will be clearly visible when you slap that perfectly gorgeous (and straight!) logo across the chest.

  3. Durable Prints:  There are many methods to printing shirts, but screen printing is the most durable.  Of course, when your group works hard, your shirts are going to need to hold up under pressure… make sure your shirts are being screen printed to ensure longest lasting prints!


How To Print Military or Government Shirts:

For your group’s shirts, most places print a simple one or two color chest print of your branch logo and / or name. If you really want to stand out from other groups, we recommend going with a multicolor print.  Think of all the typical government shirts out there, and how they usually use a cheap shirt with a boring design … now imagine seeing a colorful shirt with a classy design.  Members and families are more likely to wear these shirts, thus increasing your group’s loyalty.  

Usually as a center chest print, the front custom print will be about 10” x 10.”  This print will significantly add to the professional image your group deserves, as well as offering the member or family member a custom shirt he or she can be proud to wear.   

The back of your custom shirt will have your logo printed larger across the shoulder blades, approximately  11” x 6.” Below your logo, a good idea may be to print your mascot or a cool design. Of course, these locations are flexible and will be unique for each purpose, whether your are using the shirts for uniforms or just for fun. Your total back print will be custom printed around 11” x 15.”

This back print of your custom shirts will greatly increase your group’s visibility to the public… Remember that employee or family member who stops at Foodland or Don Quijote wearing your custom shirt?


Remember:  Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.

When it comes to screen printing, you get what you pay for. A company that has slightly higher prices will likely be able to offer more value and deliver a higher quality print and have better customer service. You’ll be more pleased with your experience.

Inexperienced (cheap) printers can print a custom military or government shirt that looks good for a day... or two... for a low price.  Your shirts will be showing signs of age after the first or second wash. The ink will be cracking and the ink may even bleed. What a waste of money!

An experienced printer is able to guarantee their work and offer you much more value for a slightly higher price.  Your group’s shirts will look great for years to come. You will feel much more satisfied with your printing experience and will have been happy to pay the extra buck for a shirt so that it lasts.